Four Important Elements Of Fitness

Many individuals want to stay fit, but that raises a question. What does it mean to stay fit? The answer is pretty simple. In order to be fit, a person must have physical fitness in four aspects: aerobic capacity, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.

Aerobic capacity

Also known as cardio respiratory fitness, aerobic capacity refers to health and functioning of lungs, heart and circulatory system. In simple words, aerobic fitness of an individual is the capability of the cardio respiratory system to supply adequate quantity of oxygen to exercising muscle tissues. With the increase in aerobic capability, your ability to take part in more intense and long lasting exercises also increases. For instance, if you attain proficiency in walking and jogging, you can easily move on to hard physical activities such as cycling and swimming.

Due to the health benefits it bestows, aerobic ability is considered as the most important element of fitness. Even researches and studies assert that an increase in aerobic capability is essential for better health. The reason is increased aerobic ability leads to lowering of blood pressure, decrease in cholesterol levels, elimination of fat deposits and a healthy heart.

Muscular strength

It is the maximum force a group of muscles or a single muscle can generate during one contraction. Muscular strength is the number of repeated contractions your muscles can perform without getting tired. It is essential to increase muscular capability because strong muscles lead to decreased bone loss, increased bone strength, enhanced metabolism and decreased risk of injury, and this means better fitness.

Enhancing your muscle power requires a lot of dedication and determination. You ought to take a protein rich diet that will provide required nutrition to your muscles. Also, you need to give up sedentary living and live an active life. Aside from this, you should make a workout routine that will strengthen your muscles.


It is the range of motion within a particular joint. The better the flexibility in joints, the better the motion of your overall body will be. Increased flexibility renders a series of benefits such as increase in the flow of blood, decreased risks of injuries and enhanced supply of nutrients to joint structures.

Body composition

It refers to the relative strength of your body weight that consists of fat free mass and body fat. The lower the body fat, the better your fitness level will be. You may enhance the relative strength of your body by giving up junk food. Also, you should increase your physical chores by engaging in workout routines, simple as well as tough workouts depending on your health goals.

Concluding words

Maintaining optimum health is the prime priority of many modern day individuals. However, ensuring optimum levels of physical health is not an easy chore. You need to take a right diet, get engage in some kind of physical activities to sustain good health. No matter your daily routine, make sure you pay attention to the above four elements of fitness if you want to get a healthy and sound body.